Tobacco use is the gateway to the world of addiction. Each year millions of children in India begin experimenting with tobacco use and become lifelong tobacco users. Global evidence suggests that tobacco use is leading cause of premature mortality and prevents individuals, families, communities and nations from achieving their true potentials of growth and development. Tobacco industry is among the most corrupt and venal in its practices. The WHO and many leading public health organisations have warned that the tobacco industry misleads governments and communities to achieve its profits, by advancing its addictive products.

North East Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, 11th Mile, Jorabat, Guwahati-23, Assam does not partner with the tobacco industry or any one directly or indirectly related or engaged with the tobacco and other allied industries. We do not partner, invest in or get investments from organisations, institutions, groups and agencies which have interests in tobacco industry, or those who further the interests of the tobacco industry. We do not accept any direct or indirect funding from the tobacco and other allied industries.