Who is Angel Reese Dating? Angel Reese is an American-born basketball athlete. Fans of the player have speculated as to who he or she is currently courting. This page attempts to cover everything there is to know about the renowned athlete.

Angel Reese’s Boyfriend Rumors: Is it True?

angel reese dating

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Angel Reese, a collegiate basketball player for the LSU Tigers, is neither dating nor has an official boyfriend, according to the best available information and verified records.

In March 2023, rumors began to circulate that the LSU athlete and the rapper NBA YoungBoy (Never Broke Again), whose birth name is Kenterell DeSean Gaulden, are in a romantic relationship after a rap page known as “Raphouse” tweeted a notoriously misleading tweet indicating that the two are dating.

What evidence supported this rumor? This allegation appears to have begun after Youngboy and Reese went live on Instagram and connected via social media. YoungBoy reddened visibly and smiled frequently while speaking with Reese and another woman who was also present during their live broadcast. They also discussed the rapper’s potential attendance at one of Angel’s basketball contests.

What response did Angel Reese have to the rumors? On March 23, 2023, the college basketball player dispelled the rumors that she was dating NBA Youngboy, which had been disseminated via a tweet. She refuted the rumor when she retweeted the post from Raphousetv with the caption, “I’m not this man’s girlfriend, please stop,” likely conveying her amusement with some crying and rolling-on-the-floor laughing emojis. She later posted a quote-tweet video of her teammate Flau’jae Johnson teasing her about the allegations of their relationship.

NBA YoungBoy provided no public response to this dating allegation. Reese made it clear that she is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with YoungBoy. In addition, YoungBoy is married. On January 7, 2023, he married his longstanding girlfriend, Jazlyn Mychelle, and has two beautiful children with her.

Recently, the mother of Angel Reese, also named Angel Reese, received messages on her social media platform that were intended for her daughter. She responded to the request for a date in her direct message to the LSU Tiger basketball player by tweeting her response. She explained that the message was intended for “Lil’A,” her daughter, and requested that people refrain from labeling her or sending her messages intended for her daughter.

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