A Testimonial Note From

Managing Director

North East Cancer Hospital and Research Institute could stand to strive for excellence and achieve its mission in improving the standards of Cancer treatment through state of art technology and dedicated human resources. Over last Eight years, the Institute has been able to create its place nationally as a unique self-financed organization which is focused on research and education.

Our vision is clear- ‘to provide excellent cancer treatment’. We are moving ahead with our vision. Our sincerity made this institute to be recognized by UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) as a comprehensive cancer treatment center in India. We have a firm belief that this is the time to launch ourselves in to the next orbit. We already have international partner and collaborator from Netherlands for transferring knowledge and technology in this field. We are in the process of expanding and strengthening institutional network and build new partnerships with other national and international organizations. We have our dreams to become a world class Institute of cancer therapy and research. We are committed to the people of North east India.

Munindra Narayan Baruah, MD, NECHRI.

North East Cancer Hospital and Research Institute

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide comprehensive, cost-effective cancer treatment for the people of North Eastern State.
  • To introduce all the latest diagnostic and treatment modalities with the advancement of science and technology.
  • To promote and educate on early detection of cancer
  • To fight against tobacco
  • To provide pain and palliative care for terminally ill cancer patient
  • To promote and encourage research and scientific activity on cancer
  • To create a competitive environment on service and price of treatment of cancer in North East India
  • To do charity for poor people of North Eastern State

North East Cancer Hospital and Research Institute

Why Choose Us

The hospital is having national level facilities for the complete treatment of all types of cancers. Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy (Medical Oncology), Onco Surgery and Palliative care are the main specialties for the comprehensive treatment of cancers.


North East Cancer Hospital and Research Institute

Our Goals

  • To provide the best treatment as well as excellent support to the patients in a clean environment