Aims & Objectives
  • To provide comprehensive, cost effective cancer treatment for the people of North Eastern State.
  • To introduced all latest diagnostic and treatment modalities with the advancement of science and technology.
  • To promote and educate on early detection of cancer.
  • To fight against tobacco.
  • To provide pain and palliative care for terminally ill cancer patient.
  • To promote and encourage research and scientific activity on cancer.
  • To create competitive environment on service and price of treatment of cancer in North East India.
  • To do charity for poor people of NE state.




To provide best treatment as well as excellent support to the patients in a clean environment.

To stop patient going outside NE region for treatment of cancer.

To become one of the best hospital in India for cancer treatment.

To inspire other hospitals with competitive pricing, top services and charity to poor patients.

To produce sufficient human resources for treatment of cancer in NE region.


Nearly a dozen departments are presently working in the institute under a well organized system to provide comprehensive therapeutic and diagnostic facilities for complete diagnosis and treatment. The hospital is equipped with all the disciplines/modalities required for full and proper diagnosis of cancers.
The facilities of Pathology, Radiodiagnosis & Imaging are open to use for non-cancer patients also. As cancer is a non-communicable disease, there should be no hitch in utilizing these facilities for the diagnosis of various other diseases.